About Us

Essnd derma started with an aim to provide formulation development and contract manufacturing services to our customers in the field of cosmetics and pharma dermatology. We striving to be specialized in topical product preparation for both cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry.

Our company is based in India with the head quarter in Mumbai the commercial capital. Our office and R&D lab located within in close proximity of Mumbai and the plant is about 200 km. from Mumbai.

Our experience in formulation development and commercial production will help our customers to get the best quality beauty care, skin, hair care and pharma topical preparations.

We have years of experience both in Research and development and product innovation, this will help us to understand every aspect of global cosmetic and dermatology products while developing formularies for our customers and building their brands.

Changes in Cosmetic and pharma dermatological products are highly dynamic in nature hence it is important to stay competitive and need to be adaptability with our knowledge, resources and market intelligence we help our customers to seize opportunities by continuous creation of new products in innovative formats.

Our product development and quality control teams closely work with our customers to understand the requirements, applications, sensory and aesthetic and therapeutic use before validating the project viability and to convert their dreams to reality.

We welcome companies who wish to outsource their product development and product commercialization in order to extend our best services.