What are your minimums & how long does it take?

We are currently planning to work on smaller volume production before we scale up our operations for the bigger quantity production. Our current infrastructure which is ideal for low volume production. And for taking trials for new product for the test marking and also for poilet studies.

In case there is any interesting proposal we can take up large scale production with our associated companies.

project initiation

Our Technical team will discuss with our customers before we begin to formulate and establish your product. We first reach consensus on ingredients and formula with mutual discussion then will submit a form informing all details about the formulation development. Once this form is mutually agreed and signed then will submit sample for approval.

Once the product is approved we start preparing Product technical data sheet which includeds, ingredients specifications,MSDS, stability and analytical data.


We closely work with your technical team in deciding the packing. If you have already decided on the packing we would like to have the same to find compatibility with our machines, or we can suggest suitable packing from our end.

We can use bottles,tube and jar for the packing.


The cost of the project is determined once we study the project and the various steps which involved like formulation development, quantity, ingredients used and formulation type ets. Once the complete evaluation is done then will provide our quote for our customer acceptance.

Time line

Adheering to time line is an important aspect in project management. We strive to follow the timelines set for executing and delivering as discussed and decided mutually.

Project Confirmation

We will send detailed contract incorporating all details which are discussed and mutually accepted in order to avoid any ambiguity. After we receive proper order along with the initial payment we will take up the project.


We will maintain utmost confidentiality in regard to your project which we handle. We commit to our policy on privacy and confidentiality, we sign a Nondisclosure agreement which is mutually signed. The Nondisclosure agreement will be given to our clients and the same will be duly accepted before we start the project.