Contract Manufacturing

We are currently planning to work on smaller volume production before we scale up our operations for the bigger quantity production. Our current infrastructure which is ideal for low volume production. And for taking trials for new product for the test marking and also for pilot studies.

In case there is any interesting proposal we can take up large scale production with our associate companies.

Our manufacturing activities which are backed by our full time formulation development team can speed up the product delivery.

Some of the key areas where our team has outstanding experience in commercial production is shampoos, conditioners, styling products, body care (moisturizers, , scrubs, etc.), facial care, sun protection & after-sun, the latest anti-aging, skin lighteners, exfoliating, serums, spa treatments, special effect products,fragrance,spray and topical pharma formulations, these are few to name.

We welcome medium and small companies to outsource their contract manufacturing/packaging. Our team is completely experienced in commercial production activities can help our customers attain their desired goals.